Wesley Kieswetter

Love Thyself

Thy soul so fragile, thy spirit so blurred
As the gateway opens, with one magick word
The light fast approaching, what is this I see?
It’s a thought, a mirror, a reflection of me
It comes even closer, with glistening eyes
Is it something I love, or something I despise?
I hear a soft voice, an echo so slight
In my minds eye, a brilliant white light
The voice getting louder, still can’t understand
Out of the white light, an enormous white hand
It reaches toward me with comfort and love
A divine inspiration, sent from above
I now understand these incomprehensible sights
Recognizable in dreams in the darkest of nights
Now learnt of thy beauty so perfect, so rare
To live life with ultimate wisdom and care
The light disappears, no trace to be found
Except for a gemstone, perfectly round
retrieving the gem, I hear the voice from above
“live your life with the utmost of love”
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