Wallace Waldo Williams

Citrus Heights, CA, USA


Courage is the brave-heart soldier, in the face of death
A hero to the rescue, gives someone dying their breath
Heroes are born with courage, no matter what the cost
They risk their own lives, to see another is not lost
Heroes have plunged cold water, covered in frozen ice
To save someone drowning, without thinking twice
Or walk into an inferno, to save someone from the smoke
Scale down a mountain, to mend someone who broke
When there's disaster, heroes save people from the flood
In the time of war or violence, they give up their blood
Courage is in the parent, that gives love their all
Protects their children, the problem big or small
It takes courage, every time a peace officer makes a stop
A mountain climber, who makes it to the top
Courage is in the teacher, whose students never fail
For the sailor, when the wind comes named gale
People making a stand, no matter what the cause
They do it everyday, and do it without applause
In Lead With words I write a picture, my wife loves to draw
Her pencil paints on canvas, what my pen just saw
sometimes my pen is peaceful, sometimes it's in a rage
Together pen and pencil, have a love affair with each page
In my deepest thoughts, my words are but a stencil
For her pictures are poetry, she draws with her pencil
My memory is an open book, my poetry must be read
Just like Picasso did, she draws it first in lead
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