Virginia O'Malley

County Mayo, UK

The Fate Of Deirdre And Naoise

I'm kept in seclusion,
For many a long year.
I'm having illusions,
Of a man so dear.

Hair, dark as the raven,
Cheeks as red as blood
I would be in heaven,
With this man, I would.

Beloved would be he,
With eyes wide and bright,
Deep blue as the sea,
And with skin of snow white.

I've seen this man, so fair.
I've passed him on the road.
My heart's beyond repair;
Naoise is my beau.

You're written in my heart.
Let us run away.
We'll never be apart.
I'll love you always.

You were slain for me;
My heart is full of doom.
A year of mourning thee.
I'll be with you soon.

Cast from the chariot,
My head is split in two.
Our souls will reunite,
The love I have for you.

Our souls unite in heaven,
Our bodies' under sod.
My life I have given,
To be with you, my love.

With hair, dark as the raven,
Cheeks as red as blood.
I'm with you in heaven,
Dear Naoise, my love.
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