T.Wesley Steidley

Chelsea, Oklahoma

God Bless Our Little Children

So many of our little children are beaten, starved and neglected
Left alone, unloved and unprotected.
They have a new name now, oh what a shame, they call them the throwaway kids;
That means they have been left behind totally rejected.
Oh God how could you ever love us again
The way we have turned out as women and men/
Some 20 years ago a man and his wife was brought before a judge
For beating their beautiful little four year old girl to death.
The judge as his anger begin to dispel
This is what he had to tell
Do you, man and wife, know what's going to happen?
In the next fifteen years these kids when they reach
The age of twelve or fifteen years old
They are going to come after all of us without being told,
With clubs, guns, and knives
That includes we husbands and wives.
Just to prove the judge was right.
Allow me to draw a picture if I might.
With all the stealing, rape and killing
Just think we could have prevented a lot of that if we had only been willing.
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