Susan Renee Layne

Irvine, Kentucky, USA

Gerald's Promise (A True Experience)

A long time ago in the year of 1991
My love took sick, I knew not what of
Four dream's of future showed me he'd leave,
And drop behind Death's veil and I, be left alone
So we made a pact, he promised to come back
13 is my unlucky number, I feared it more and more
And on August 13th--Death knocked on our door
You must realize I was devastated
To know before what was to be, and be unable to change it
Then came a night, it stands in my memory
Heavy quilted curtains we made hung at the windows,
Alone in bed I leapt to see, two shining stars,
Bright as Venus in evening's sky looking over me-inside!
As suddenly they had appeared, they brightened and were gone
I straight away grabbed a light and ran down the stairs
I sat right down and spoke aloud, 'Gerald, I know you're here'
You scoff and ask how am I sure it was he, Dear Reader
I'll tell you how I know, this was January 3, 1992
It was on the date of the Anniversary of our meeting,
Six year's prior, right down to the Hour!
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