Steven Loebrich

Forgotin Past, 'Over And Over Again...'

'Over and Over Again,
This Silance Consumes Me.'
Filling Every Hole Inside,
-With Only More Emptyness.
'Like Tears With Out A Face,
So, I Too Cry, ..'

Happyness and Joy,
Pouring Down My SunRise.
Alfull-Feelings of Terrior,
- No Longer Fear Anymore.
Now Faded, No Longer Found,
Are The Dead Memories,
of Everything Now Forgoten, ..
I Recall Still, ..
Nameless Face's Looking Back At One's Disgrace...

Numb-Emotion's of Not Another Heart,
Reaching Out for A Hand No-Longer There...
As If? , ..
Their's One There To Vainly Save, ...
One From Another....
'Take My Hand, Wont You? ! ...'
Concerned-Imagenation Only Doesent Know,
The Sarcastic-Smile's of a Kind Straingers Glance.
Never Looking Back No More,
Inflicted And Diserayed, ..
- Like All Realy Be Fine! , ..
Hope You Know, Never To Do As Your Ever Told,
Be All I Will Ever Tell You, .
-Without One Word...
'One Single Word Ever Spoken, ..'
Is This? ,
This All That Ever Is To Become, ..
-of Our Forgoten Past...
'Darkness and silance,
Mourn for The Dawn, .
Not Another Day...'
-As I Sit Alone Watching The Sunset Once Again,
Sink And Decend Back Over The Lonely Sea...
No Longer Do I Think Of You...
'Over And Over Again'...
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