Sherrie Stevenson

Nashville, TN, USA

Lissie's Got Her Wings

The flowers grew, the birds did sing the day that Lissie got her wings.
Oh, how her family continued to cry as her spirit ascended on high!
God opened up his holy doors, and said my angel you'll cry no more.
No more suffering and no more pain since my God called out her name.
And to my sisters and brothers , yes I must go. But there are some facts
you must come to know.
Some people live a lifetime and never see love like my family has shared with
I know now you're pondering all those earthly things, question what guilt
and sorrow can bring.
But you see my faith was never up to man, only God holds the master plan.
Now I've gone on to pave the way, but you too must follow some day.
But just remember my face, remember my smile, remember the things we've
done all the while.
You see I'm at rest but I've been set free. Just continue to remember the
child in me.
And to everyone out there who loves to sing, just know that I sung Soprano,
the day I got my wings!
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