Sarah A

February 10, Brooklyn, NY
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The 7 Day Rat Race

Racing towards the weekend, Mom is full of joy.
A hard week’s worth of work, all worth it and so
she can see her little boy.

Once Saturday morn hits,
they play outside all day in the sun.
The boy laughs and wonders,
Why can’t every day be this fun?

They go and get ice cream
(more times than one),
And treasure each and every moment,
Because two is always better than [n]one.

But it is only for a short while,
Before they are each
Away again once more.

Mom working hard, to make
the green the boy will need
as he grows,
every day only more and more.

By the time the race is over, the boy is all grown up.
Well there goes all of those years, all of those weekends,
And even all of that green she’s saved up.
Now she’s barely left with anything,
And her time with her boy, those measly two days a week,
Is through.

As he grew, the boy learned and lived
Around people and places far and new.
Two days a week, not counting overtime,
Was not enough for them to connect.
It is sad to say, that their souls never even really met.

The boy forgot about the reason why,
That Mom worked hard each week and so he could thrive.
Mom never forgot, as he was her whole life.
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