Sarah A

February 10, Brooklyn, NY
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elegy to my neighborhood hero

i woke up in a haze
a fog foreshadowing
a reunion
with the unexplainable
nature of life
i sailed my bike in the storm
screamed in terror and delight
hoping to outrun my demons
a weeping willow slapped me
in the face
i laughed so hard
never felt so awake
drenched myself in tears sweat and rain
you were like water
the vital ingredient to life
always adding never subtracting
always giving never receiving
holding wise strength in patience
a stream trickling in the forest
an intuition for soothing hidden anxieties
energizing those around you with
your easy joy and peace
i’m sure you changed strangers' lives
in seconds
because there is no one who could cross your path without being moved
it feels so cruel that you’re gone
so soon
your dreams just taking off
your life just beginning
to be free to be your own
but you came here
a rare entity in this world
maybe it was always too cruel
for your selfless gentleness
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