sanidhya srivastava

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Today once again I thought of scrounging
the old heap of those uncountable precious gems!
the gems,
which store within them a thousand memories
of those early days!
the days when innocence dominated over hypocrisy!
no worries , no hurries!
so was the eagerness of
returning back home!
stepping down the streets,
in search of my lost paradise,
i hiked to every place i could!
bygone are the days,
still the aroma never fades!
standing there i fascinated a child so elated!
it wasn't too late for me to realize ,
that fascination never lasts for long!
soon she was gone,
leaving the place as pale as a late winter's moon!
with no stains of her presence anymore!
shell shocked i stood realizing that
the paradise was lost forever!
with a heavy heart i moved forward,
leaving back the sprinting trees,
with a promise-
" never to look back again!"
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