Sandra Glassman

Oceanside, NY, USA

The Dreaded Call

One by one they file in
Not anyone in this group
With a smile, or grin
Each carrying a summons
For jury duty to report
Citizens musing, can there by a retort?
Equipped with newspaper, books, and magazines
Page upon page filled with the latest
Newsworthy scenes
Men and Women representing a wide
Diversity for the jury pool
When selected, most obey the golden rule
Names are called without rhyme or reason
You'll be excused if you advocate treason
At last the day is over
Each person not picked will have to return
Grumblin and eyes ding a slow burn
Luckily for me, I'm a chosen one
I'll miss a day of work, out in the hot sun
I return home and open the door
There is my dog Glover, who just spilled
His bowl of food all over the floor
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