Ryan Petrilli

Pineville, NC, USA


Your hands have joined together
Unity of two souls that were destined,
Bound by daily steps bringing you
Closer each day since the light of birth. Your lives are now one forever
Beginning a journey that will challenge
The definition of happiness, exceeding
Its pleasures and all its treasures of worth. Your lives have been made complete
By the half who can find your smile
In a cloud of constant confusion that a
Day's struggles has been known to bring. Your future is two with one heartbeat
Handling a horizon of sometimes turmoil
With the calmness you both possess
Remembering the eternal promise by the vowed ring. Your days ahead are filled with mystery and magic
Moments of beautiful bliss and untimely tears,
But countless memories making tomorrow brighter still
Like your love that will grow stronger through the years.
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