Ruby Britt

Baconton, GA, USA


"Meme, I need you," the little boy said.
Blue eyes were serious 'neath hair brilliant red.
The "putter" was frozen; gone was the mouse,
interrupting fun time at grandmother's house.
Buttons were pushed, but to no avail.
The picture still frozen, no menu to tell
the next steps to take to bring back the game.
He then tried the keyboard - results were the same.
Wonderful things - computers and such.
But sometimes they prove to be just too much
for five-year-old boys and grandmothers , too.
Sometimes there is only one thing left to do.
Just punch that last button that makes it all black;
Wait a short while and bring it all back.
Almost like magic you can play once again;
The mouse has returned from wherever it's been.
"Meme" no longer needed, now is ignored
as the child is once more totally absorbed
in rockets and guns, battleships and planes -
in the magical world of computer games.
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