Robert Svensson

Los Angeles, California

The Moon

Lo, I am the Moon and I am old,
Mine eyes have seen all life on earth unfold
For yesterday to me was millions of years ago
Witness was I to the cataclysm that gave birth
To the minuscule planet you call Earth
Out of the waters that covered the land
I saw strange creatures crawl, grow, expand
To become birds, dinosaurs, apes and man
Little though do you know to what ends
My influence over you extends
I control the tides of the sea high and low
The very oceans upon whose life so much depends
Yet, as powerful as I am I wish for still more
So I might control you foolish people down below
Would that I could save the Earth you mutilate
The land, forests, animals you decimate
Sad to say, that is beyond my power to achieve
So I must tell you to believe when I say to you
Saving your Earth is something only you can do
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