Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Wokes Run Wild

Where women aren't quite women
They're Menstruating folk,
Their gender simply Human,
The world gone truly woke.

Grasping for atonement,
The art of double speak,
The fancy of the moment
Our words they cutely tweak.

Political correctness,
Not He, nor She, but It,
In search of urban fairness,
With some a glowing hit.

For others who stay silent,
Not knowing what to say,
On tact sorely reliant,
For this to pass they pray.

But how about this thought
To brighten up your day,
Good sense is rarely taught
So why should wokes hold sway?

We the startled masses
Muted for so long,
Know Thoroughbreds from Asses,
That's how we get along.
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