Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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The People's Champion - in Trump's own words

I get it
I finally get it
It took a while
But now I'm showing my style.

To every home
With somber tone
My daily briefings
Broadcast my teachings;

I tell them all
To heed my call
So all may strive
To stay alive.

My change of tack
A stroke of luck
And just in time
The polls to climb;

For every day
I get my say
The ratings spike
With me on Mike.

Now the prime task
A real big ask
To find that cure
Something sure.

This virus sticks
All experts kicks
But as to me
Just watch and see.

I have a plan
Beat this I can
Wait for fine weather
To Covid tether.

Once that is done
They'll hail the man
Making things right
With wisdom and might;

Never a pause
Fighting the cause
Winning's my creed
I've proved that indeed.

Then all the vile doubters
The downers and shouters
Will finally see
Their champion is Me.
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