Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Life's hope - beyond the elections

Insults, Covid, Fear and Strife,
Banter, Boasting, Blame-game rife;
Media jostling for prime view,
Spinning stories, quite a brew;
Politicians reveling in their game,
Twitching, Gloating, craving fame.

Passions raging amongst some
Gasping for their day to come,
Spewing sentence with each breath
A wrong outcome same as death;
Facebook, Twitter set alight,
As they preach into the night.

To us spectators looking on,
With eyes averted, gaze forlorn,
We can but wonder, whisper soft
How this cannot but one exhaust,
When every day the squealing drowns
Rays of hope that reason pounds.

Yet the sun still rises in the sky
With chirping birds that Autumn winds seem amplify,
Where trees murmur in the breeze,
Waving to gently falling leaves,
With air that’s fresh and light surrounds,
Whilst in our chest life's hope abounds.
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