Rita Marks

Palo Alto, California


There's a miracle called "Friendship." Oh what a miracle it is
in just keepin' it real. The "Friendship" dwells way, way down deep in the heart and soul of
a person or individuals. You don't know how this "Friendship" happens, it just happens so soulfully. It is a light from the "Friendship" that provides sunlight to the soul
whenever it happens. But you know and recognize the special lift the
"Friendship" provides. The "Friendship" inspires encouragement, inspiration, joy, and motivation. When you need that special lift from the "Friendship" that keeps you
pushing on and upward for success and perservance to make it
through all the storms and challenges of life, it is there. When you realize the "Friendship" that you have with a person or
individuals, you know it is God our Heavenly Father most precious
gift sent from above by his Angels of Love. Through the development of the "Friendship" you are able to recognize
the rare and special jewel of the "Friendship" and your spirtual worth
in the "Friendship." This "Friendship" lends an ear, shares a word of praise, and allows
one to open their heart. Oh what a "Friendship" to enjoy to the end
of time. "Friendship" - just keepin' it real.
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