Remedios Villanueva Migue

San Francisco, California

We Are The Youth

We are the youth!
Rising from a war-torn world,
Witnessing an era of ruthless bloodshed
Living remains of disease and starvation,
Survivors of death, torture and depression.
Yes, we are the youth!
Envisaged by a world gone mad,
Beckoned by the future. Obscure, and darkened
By woes and trials of government,
Economic strife and peace pacts unsettled.
But while all adversities blast,
Hopeful still, naught will dismay
Our youthful dreams, nor turn aghast
Our ardent hearts. Therefore, O, St. William's,
We've come to stay 'neath your paternal guidance.
Impart to us true wisdom and knowledge,
But not the wisdom of the atomic sage.
Grant to us the wisdom of the heavenly saints,
That while we live, we may still be the hope of the
The unshakable pillars of the Mother Church.
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