Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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I'll Never Get Over You...

If only I had seen it coming
But I never knew
The day before you left me
I had one more day with you
If only I could turn back time
And bring back yesterday
If only I could tell you
All the things I need to say
If only I could hold you close
And kiss you just once more
If only I could see you smile
As you walk through that door
Walking down this lonely road
Lost, alone and sad
Holding onto memories and dreams
That we once had
I need you here to guide me
For I know I’ll lose my way
Without you I’ll crumble
Without you I’m not ok
I still don’t understand the reason
Why you had to leave
I don’t know how to deal with this
I don’t know how to grieve
Looking in the mirror
I still see you in my eyes
And always I will love you
Because true love , Gone, never dies
Everything I feel inside
Gets stronger everyday
The love that’s in my heart for you
Will never fade away
Everything we shared
And all the memories made together
Will live within my heart and soul
They'll stay with me forever
As long as there is night and day
As long as skies are blue
As long as stars still shine so bright
I’ll never get over you...
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