Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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How Long...

As the night descends
And darkness is all I see
Tears I cry will fall
Until the morning sets me free

I never knew that lonely
Could bring me so much pain
I never knew that lonely
Could send me so insane

I never knew that lonely
Could bring such a need
I never knew that lonely
Would cause my to heart bleed

Please don’t try explaining
It wouldn’t change a thing
For when you said goodbye
You took off your wedding ring

You say maybe tomorrow
But I know deep down inside
There is no going back to you
Too many times you lied

Every time another dream
Is washed into the sea
I die another day
I lose another piece of me

How many tears will need to fall
How many dreams will end
How long will I go on loving you
How long can I pretend

How long until I believe it’s over
How long until I move on
How long until I fall out of love
Until I accept you are gone..
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