Punit Parikh

Hero At Heart

Standing just around the corner,
Flashing his intoxicating smile.
Or, lost in the crowds,
Cheering for his superheroes,
Or, a face in millions,
Which passes our eyes - Unnoticed.
Does he, need an introduction?

Indeed this world belongs to him,
The common man,
The public rallies during elections,
The victory laps by superheroes,
Are incomplete without his mention.
Often remembered and soon forgotten,
Yet victimized by Life.

Little unknown to this world are,
His fantasies eclipsed by realities,
His strife for success
And his bouts with failure
Sorrow behind his smile
And selfless compromises made,
Just to ensure people around smile.

Their Icons, superheroes and stars
Amidst them a few bother,
To look besides their shoulders,
And there he stands,
Arms outstretched.
Just peep into his eyes,
To witness life distilled

A salute to the hero at heart,
The common man.
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