Punit Parikh


Most of the steps,
Just turn back.
Breathing a sigh of relief
And forgetting its existence
Wise men have put forth
It's a place haunted by ghosts
And it's sinful even to talk.
The lilies besides your grave,
Too have lost their fragrance.
As a multi faceted life
Lies caged in a 2D photograph.
Sometimes I too feel lost,
In this eerie of silence
Wondering, Am I hiding,
From truth of life
Misguided by false illusions?

But how could I,
Ever be so rude
To leave you all alone,
In hands of fate
I promised you happiness
For all of your life
Feeling helpless now,
As the only comfort to you,
The coarse pebbles
Sprinkled under the grave.
Most of the promises like,
Words lost in time
But as I sit besides
Your grave, I promise,
I'll never let memories fade.
Death is not the parting,
Nor is it the end,
Maybe it's a sheet of
Eternal love,
Covering the void of time,
Embracing us.
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