Punit Parikh

Carbon Copy

Those were the special days,
As a young lad I still remember
Sitting in corner, eyes stuck up on you
Watching everything you do

Countless hours spent in front of mirror
Combing hair and twitching eyebrows
Rearranging my steps and clothes
So I could look just like you do

The sense of pride that filled my heart
When you use to tap my shoulders
And wish me good luck
That made me ready to face the world

You were the first critic in my life
The only reader of my first poetries
The inspirational support that I got
From silent nod of your head

Today as you walk towards new horizons
Drawing your own destiny
I wish you good luck
That you shall succeed in every step

And when this quest ends
I would like this world
Remembering me as your Carbon Copy
God Bless you brother
It’s always special to have you around
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