Nupur Gautam

January 20, 2005
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Sorry Dad

Sometimes I wish I could relate to all those poems and quotes,
I wish our conversations and hugs were more frequent,
I wish we could be more comfortable in each other's company,
And ask how our days went.

I know you said it all out of anger,
But I can't get myself to forget.
Those words of yours pierced through my heart,
They weren't meant to, I bet.

They still make me question myself,
Looking back at it, I still cry myself to sleep at night.
I wonder where it all came from,
Only if I knew, I might have proved myself right.

They say no-one can love a girl more than her father,
But you for once made me doubt.
I didn't know you were capable of breaking me down,
When all I was trying to do was to make you proud.

Perhaps you thought that I didn't get you at all,
And that we'd grow apart
But dad, I picked up everything,
It's etched in my heart

You've always been my hero,
You have a place of honour in my heart.
Whenever I think of you, I'm filled with love and fond affection,
Now tears too have made it to the chart.

I want to apologize for whatever went wrong,
I swear I didn't mean to antagonize you.
Your love is all I long for,
But somewhere along the way, I lost the courage to face you.
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