Merle Hooper

Salt Lake City, Utah

Golden Isle Of Paradise

We met -- as "Strangers in Paradise" --
"Cool breezes" -- blowing inland, from "The Sea"
A Romantic -- Tender Moment -- ("We Fell in Love")
Then Sailing Time -- "came Suddenly."

So little time, to tell you -- "My Feelings" --
Not even to say "Good - bye" . . .
Only a glimpse -- fo the "Brilliant Sunset" --
Beneath Blue of a "Tropical sky."

Someday -- I'll find you, "My Love"
Waiting there for me . . .
On that "Golden Isle of Paradise"
Where we found "True Ecstasy."

Like Swiftly "Turbulent Waters"
Of a "cascading Water Fall"
"My Lonely heart is Breaking"
As I hear the "Sea Gull's call."

Awakening "Memories" -- of how "I Love You"
Willing to "follow any Star"
with my last Ounce of Courage
To travel -- "No matter how Far."

I'll find you, "My Love"
This is "My quest" -- "My glorious Dream" --
No matter "How - or When" . . .
No matter "how hopeless," it seems.

Someday -- "I'll find you" . . .
"Waiting there for me" --
On that "Golden Isle of Paradise"
Where we found "True Ecstasy.
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