Merle Hooper

Salt Lake City, Utah

A Special Prayer

May we walk with "Thee," O God Lord - thru coming years
Drawing eve closer to "Thee" midst "Trials and Tears."

My prayers are now - for our "Soldiers Brave"
Defending world peace that "all nations be saved."

'Neath "Broiling Sun," and "violent Sand Storms" they fight
For our "Freedom, and Justice" with renewed strength & might.

In midst of the "Dangers and Horror" of War
May "America," remain strong - to suffer no scar.

Lord help our "GI" save their "commander in Chief"
"Uniting all nations" and bringing forth peace.

The "ever powerful spirit" watching over them each day
protect them "O God" every step of the way.

Fighting on land, or sea - Desert Sand, or air
Give them strength, and hope. (This is my prayer.)

That wherever our boys are forced to roam
"Please! god" "Bring Them All, Safely Home!"
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