Loretta Worthington

Liverpool Merseyside, United Kingdom


Looking back at all that has passed I see the play before me.
Each piece of the puzzle has its place, and every player their part to play,
in the arena of life. Some bid me taste from the sea of sorrow, and to wash in the stream of
discontent, so that I might see all the folly that's within me.
To grow strong and learn to see with humility. Others gave the gift of laughter, these players of mirth showed me my worth,
letting me see all the good that lies within me.
But the players I treasure most of all are the one's who gave me love, for
within love I played so many roles. The devoted daughter who sometimes strayed, to the sister who always played,
from lover to mother, the greatest part of all, to become a vital player in
another play.
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