Linda George

Swansea, UK

Holy Waters

I could climb, the highest mountain, with you, right by my side.
I have dreamt, I'm drowning, in the sea, and with you, I have, survived.
I feel as though, the "Pearly Gates", have opened up, for me.
I feel, as though, I have been blind, and now, my eyes, can see.
This beautiful world, we live in, is more beautiful, than before.
Since you, came in, to my life, and knocked upon, my door.
I think, of what the blind man, is missing, with no, sight.
The gift, of seeing the midnight sky, and the stars, go out, at night.
His mind, has no image, of anything, on this earth.
Having been born, a blind man, since the first day, of his birth.
We must not take for granted, the gifts we are given, free.
The beautiful, shades in roses, and the colour, of the sea.
You don't need any money, to buy these precious, things.
You just give your soul, to Jesus Christ, and then, your heart, just sings.
The sinner, will go home crying, when he tries, to make, you fall.
For his jealous eyes, will be amazed, when you walk, away, so tall.
You won't know, where it came from, this faith, within, your heart.
But you'll walk, through life together, and you will never, be part.
I am baptized, with holy waters, since you opened up, Heavens Door.
And I have a beautiful radiance now, I have never, felt before.
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