Linda George

Swansea, UK

Forbidden Love

I'm so rich, in love, that I'm dancing, in the air.
And if it were, money, I'd be a millionaire.
How can, something, so wrong, feel so right?
This feeling, that haunts me, by day, and by night.
I only started to live, the day, you came along.
I awoke, form the corner, and I stood up, so strong.
I couldn't fly, my wings, were so broken.

Never a nice word, to me, had been spoken.
Yes, you rescued, my life, before it died, completely.
You awoke, my dying world, and you kissed it, so sweetly.
Now I look, at this world, in a much, better light.
You're my candle, in the dark, so I sleep safe at night.
You were, right there, when I wanted, you most.
By being, my friend, and my leaning, lamp post.
So please, forgive me, if I'll never, forget.
The fact, that you've been, my most precious, friend yet.
I'm so rich, in love, that I can't believe, I'm me.
I'm so rich, in love, that I cannot, break free.
Yes, we're so rich, in love, you, and I.
We own, something precious, that no money can buy.
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