Leon Thomas Lee

I Ain'T Got

I ain't got no money to spend
I ain't got no teeth to grin
I'm so poor i can't write no IOU
Don't have one pair of shoes
I don't have no time to waste
No food to say my grace
Really, really what do i have
Don't have a house to live in
Don't have a car to drive
One thing i can say
Thank God i am alive
Don't have a broom to sweep
Not even food to eat
Oh i always sing the blues
Never win but always lose
Don't have any motivation
Yet, i'm checking on salvation
I ain't got no real education
I should take me a vatcation
Y'all know this ain't right
Didn't work at all this year
To file my income tax
My get up and go has gone
Don't have a daughter or son
I don't get no social security or welfare check
One thing i can say
Thank God i am blessed
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