Leon Autrey

Mountainair, New Mexico, USA

The Seasons

The leaves are brown and gold now
And beginning to fall to the ground
Time goes by so fast, I marvel at how
Summer sped by so quickly, I didn't hear the sound
Of the new season as if gradually come around
Some times I get so caught up in material thing
I almost fail to see the beauty of the Spring
To see flowers, grass, rain and creatures large and small
Somehow there's great beauty in things dying in the fall
Looking back on the summer, draught so hot and dry
Rain's came late, sometimes I wonder why
Winter will bring hardships on beast and man
As I grow older, I've come to understand
To take these seasons as they are, I know I can
This fall as we ship the calves born in the spring
I can't wait to see what next spring will bring
This is my way of life, I cling to natures hand
Working hard, trying to be a good steward of the land.
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