Laura Strom

More Beautiful

Ever wonder what she's doing
up there in paradise?
What does she think about
as she carries on that lyfe?
Souls that rested before she left
Together with our grandma lift up their heads.

No doubt is there that she's praising Him now.
with upstretched arms she gives her vow.
Her music more beautiful
than the flutter of angel wings
with faith and praise to God she sings.
I bet she still prays for each soul here on earth.
Wishing for well-being and all it's worth.
Forever in our hearts is this woman we love.
She certainly was unique-a gift from above.

Unlike any other I know today
she's in my mind as I carry on my way.
Pain I feel of course; but happiness comes after.
For I know up there she's filled with laughter.
Sadness is overpowered bye the joy i've found
in knowing she has finally received her crown.
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