Kristi Day

The Lonely Eagle Soars

Like the lonely eagle
Who glides on winds of time,
I too shall fly alone
For you're no longer mine.

Life came along and took you
And left me alone to fly,
Now I soar above the clouds
Alone again I cry.

Once upon the eagles wings
We soared above it all,
We lofted high on pillowed clouds
Until death heard your call.

Your eagles wings have lifted
And changed with the shifting breeze,
They now belong to an angel
Who soars high above the trees.

If anything should happen now
I know not what I'd do,
For even though you're not here
I still belong to you.

If I must learn to fly alone
I will do so for all my life,
For no one else flies with me
Since I became your wife.

My Eagles heart knows you
As my lifelong mate
Now I'll forever fly alone
Since death sealed your fate.

No one else will ever loft
High above with me,
For my pain inside is heavy
And has forever grounded me.
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