Kristi Day


Sometimes I walk without seeing
Sometimes I see without knowing,
Sometimes I live without learning
And sometimes I learn without showing.

And sometimes I pay no attention
To what lies on the road ahead,
And sometimes I just rush in
Where the angels fear to tread.

Sometimes I listen real well
To words that my soul speaks,
And sometimes I dont hear reason
When my heart is feeling weak.

Sometimes when it rains
I see the sound that it makes,
And sometimes it floods my heart
Because of my mistakes.

And sometimes when it snows
I hear it's gentle sound,
As it falls like silent thunder
Everywhere upon the ground.

And sometimes when I see you
I think I'm really seeing me,
Because sometimes life's not really
All it would seem to be.

Sometimes instead it's all gone
Sort of topsy turvey,
And sometimes right or wrong
Is not as clear as day.

Sometimes it all gets muddled
From black and white to gray,
And sometimes that path to righteousness
Just doesn't lead the way.

Then sometimes before I know it
I find me standing in the light,
Because sometimes when I get lost
You're there to set me right.

And sometimes when I think
That all in my life is gone
I look and see you standing
Waiting there within the dawn.

And sometimes when I'm feeling
That I'm running out of time,
You're love helps me see
That I can run to you sometimes........

And sometimes you will save me
And keep me safe from harm,
But sometimes you'll just guide me
And lead me by the arm.

To show me that just sometimes
I need to make my way,
And that sometimes all you can do
Is watch me falter as you pray.

For sometimes lessons learned
Come about in the hardest ways,
So that sometimes in myself
I can learn to be amazed.

But sometimes you will hold me
And at others set me free,
So that sometimes I can find my way
Back to loving me
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