Kristi Day

Let Me Soar

Don't leave me here alone
Sit here with me as I die,
Don't leave me all alone
Don't hang your head and cry.

When my time has come
Please just take me home,
Back to the very place
Where my ancestors roam.

Climb the highest mountain
And stand there at the top,
And if you feel your tears begin
Please just make them stop.

Hold me up in your hands
And lift me to the sky,
Let me fall where I can soar
Where it's just the birds and I.

My ashes lift up in the winds
And loft up to the sky,
Then slowly drift back down
Like the tear drops that you cry.

Watch me as I soar free
Dry those tears you cry,
For here I am free
Just my spirit, my soul, and I.

Look out over all you see
For you have finally found,
The place where I am free
In my final resting ground.

I'm in every sunbeam
In the breeze that wafts the trees,
I'm in every dropp of rain
And in the summers breeze.

I'm in everything that grows
I'm in all that you can see,
Don't feel alone in the wind
For I am that gentle breeze.

Lift your face up to the sky
The sun is my sweet kiss,
As long as there's a God in Heaven
My soul will still exist.

Reach out your hand and feel me
In the very air you breath,
I'm in everything around you
And am everything you need.

For even in my passing
You will never walk alone,
For our love will always be
The greatest ever known.
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