Kristi Day

Just My Fairies And I

Fairy tale kisses
And dreams come true,
Where my dreams are good
And all of them of you.

Where fairies like tinkerbell
Come out to play,
And blow on their star dust
And chase bad dreams away.

On wings of light
And tinkling laughter,
They know of my future
And what comes after.

Fairies that flutter
Like a moth to the light,
They spin and they sputter
And take to wings in the night.

Waving a mystical wand
And bringing good luck to me,
They open my eyes
To what life could be.

With the sadness gone
I am light and free,
I dance with my fairies
And they with me.

I twirl and spin
On dust made of gold,
I now know the secrets
The fairies have told.

On how to be young
And live to be free,
How to let go of sadness
And not let it claim me.

Feel the sun to my face
The wind on my cheeks,
My fairies have helped me
Not to be weak.

Together in dreams
We ride the rainbows,
And follow our dreams
Where ever they go.

High up in the clouds
We float thru the skies,
Where children are laughing
And no one cries.

Where flowers bloom
And no one dies,
We ride on the stars
That shoot 'cross the skies.

I'm safe in my dreams
Where here I can fly,
There's no one else
Just my fairies and I.
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