Kiyana Kiyono

Long Beach, California

I Listened To My Heart

I didn't want to let myself fall for you too hard.
I wanted to protect myself and not let down my guard.
But your golden eyes and gentle smile became too much for me.
And I found myself dreaming about how things could be.

We had become the best of friends. I didn't want to ask for more.
I feared that I might scare you off, and you'd leave me for sure.
But when you held me tight and kissed me, my fears melted away.
And I listened to my heart, when it told me to obey.

I let you set my heart free, but in my head I knew.
You cared a bit for me, but not as much as I loved you.
I gave you all I had to give, and you took all that I had.
Even though I knew it had to end, I never let my heart grow sad.

You called to say good-bye that day. My voice you wanted to hear.
But I never had expected that for me you'd shed those tears.
We shared a summer romance, and through it all I doubted you.
I never figured that I meant as much to you as I do.

But in the end, you let me know you really do love me.
I said that I love you too. Friends forever we will be.
The last night that I saw you, those gold eyes were filled with woe.
My arms longed to hold you close, but I had to let you go.

I would do it again if I could. I found so much love in you.
Although my head objected, my heart knew what to do.
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