Julz M

July 12, 1985- Australia
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Haunted Love

I settled on a thought so dreary,
In an empty house that feels so eerie,
The thought was of you,  and of you peering,
Inside my haunted house.

That house is somehow in my mind,
How can somebody be so unkind?
To tear down something that I thought was mine,
Inside my haunted house.

But you never knew who was truly inside,
The thoughts that I decided to hide,
The direction of this internal guide,
Inside my haunted house.

And now I hear the rat a tat tat,
Of the vengeful vampire bat,
That beats its wing against a window that's black,
Inside my haunted house.

I feel you, do you feel me?
Is it a thought that makes you want to flee?
I know it does because you're not with me,
Inside our haunted house.
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