Juanita Brittain Gist

Compton, California

What Kind Of Man

An ode to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What kind of man would set his life aside
simpy let his personal plans ride,
to give a needed and a helping hand -
to the hurting people in his troubled land? What kind of man although shedding a tear
at the sight of injustice brutality and fear
caused a noble nation to realize -
that only peaceful resistance coud win the prize. What kind of man although beaten and jailed,
and denied his right to simply post his bail
would still kneel and pray, within his prison cell,
that the ones who'd jailed him would not burn in hell. What kind of man who from the mountain top
has seen the view and knows that his life is in danger too,
would nevertheless carry right on through -
Keeping solid faith with what he set out to do? He must be a Man of Hope, a Man of Faith, and Sweet Charity.
A man of the cloth - A man of the - light - of the God of Eternity
A man of the Just - the Truth - and the Dove
In short - he must be a King and a Man of "Love"
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