Jeffrey Josselyn

January 5th, 1965 Hanson,ma
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From the dusk rises the dawn

Sometimes the sunset is glorious
Other times the sunset brings dusk
Dusk becomes long leading to a dark night
Doubt, fear, angst are each children of that dark night

My way in that night becomes twisted, the path muddied
I fear i may not find my way home
My heart aches, my mind struggles for clarity
The children of that night grow strong

Oh how I long for the night, when your light showed me the way
For it brought strength to the darkness
A clarity to my purpose, my way, my path
Yet, as i wander, I feel a pull, a familiar tug

Through the dark there is a light, a pinprick
It guides me, it moves me, like so many time in our past
It flickers straining to stay lit, and i panic
I am empty without the light, i am empty and alone in the darkness

Only then do i realize the light is searching
I understand now, it is searching, it is also trying to come home
I reach out still lost, still scared, still raw
Only then does the light grow, sadly I see it is also hurting

Together as one, we find each other, we find our light
Healing the scars left by the children of that night, healing us
Together the path becomes clear, together we find us, again
Together from the dusk rises the dawn, again.
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