Jean Nabhan

Hobart, Indiana

My Enlightened Heart

So many things enlighten my heart,
To tell you about them --- where do I start?
Hearing a melody that I love
And the gentle cooing of a dove.

Seeing a friend engaging smile
And realizing life is so worthwhile
Thinking about my favorite cake
And knowing what a pleasure it is to bake.

Enjoying a meal with my family,
Is always such a blessing to me.
Sharing a special hour or two
And being there alone with you.

Gazing across the lake so blue,
And being aware of the morning's first dew.
Feeling the warmth of summer showers
And watching the growth of my garden flowers.

Always knowing of God's love for me
And all of His glory I constantly see.
These few things are just a part
Of the many joys that enlighten my heart.
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