Janice S. Hensley

Erwin, Tennessee, USA

Fallen Nation

Once there was a country of beauty and more.
People from all countries, flocked to her shores.
Searching for freedom, hope for despair,
In this nation of peace and justice so fair.
One day this country; past two centuries old,
Began to change; love waxed cold.
Courtrooms were mockeries of justice and truth.
For the right price, evil could rule.
Blood covered her lands and shores.
Value of human life was no more.
Shivering people behind doors locked so tight.
Crime, greed, and violence controlling with fright.
Gone are those who fought for right.
Screams of pain and terror ring through the night.
Gone justice and liberty.
Acceptance given for horrible deeds.
Parents moaning and crying,
Young sons and daughters lay dying.
In this fallen nation.
A nation under seige.
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