Hildred Fields Gunn

Lebanon, Virginia, USA

What Is Love

Love is the highest law that exists, surpassing the law of the land.
Love is the essence of Joy and Happiness.
Love is to love yourself, therefore; paving the way to love others.
Where is the Love, there is no fear, no doubt. Love Heals!
Love is not compatable with resentment, revenge, hostility, or competition.
Love is having others best interest at heart, wanting the best to happen
to them.
Love is the Key to Freedom.
Love is not motivated by obligation, is unconditional.
Love is the energy that takes us beyond !
Without Love, there exist pride, prejudice, criticizing, and divison.
A Compassionate, and Cheerful Giver.
Love isn't a feeling but an active force.
Love discerns and accepts each individual.
Love is the answer to world peace.
Love is the cog that helps us endure.
Love is absolute, the perfect bond of a union.
Love is being true when someone needs a faithful friend.
Having Love means to have conquered.
God is Love!
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