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Could write a trilogy on my life.
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Final Goodnight

tonight when i close my eyes
i watch in horror as my father dies.
it's only the truth, i share no lies
lying on my bed my heart cries.
night after night, all i do is lay and weep
a years gone by and still no sleep.
all i ask is a night off from this pain
instead i hit the bottle as my eyes begin to rain.
the room spins as the whiskey takes over
you died an alkie, maybe i should of stayed sober.
night after night, i drink to my death
until that time of my final breath.
i start to think as i sit and cry
its not my time, i don't want to die.
Its to late now, theres to much in my vains
seems all we shared was a lack of brains.
so as my eyes close over one final time
what a wasted life is my only crime.
my eyes lock shut i see the light
the time has come to bid a final goodnight.
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