Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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To His Beautiful Mistress

My love,
You are the silky gazelle
Of the esteemed paradise
That blazes radiance on me
In a blissful beam.

Your exquisiteness is
So magnetising,
The thought of you
Alone can make me chirpy—
Your beauty, my love,
Is mega extraordinary
To many, not excluding myself.

My darling, my love,
You are the world’s epitome
Of beauty—the world’s pride, indeed.
I can’t help giving you
A come-hither gaze
For I have been magnetised
By you.

What are God’s creatures
Without you?
For I trust you’re the one
To whom He said ‘Beautiful’.
Trust me my darling,
If you were a prison officer,
I would be your special prisoner.

In all,
You are my one in a gazillion
And I deem myself
The luckiest man on earth—
Indeed, your beauty is
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