Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Biography of Graham Ereks

Graham Ereks, Alias Brainy-Grizzy is a a law graduate of Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom. Graham Ereks (Full Name: GRAHAM EREKOSIMA, LL.B) is one of the surviving sons of Late Mrs Maba-Iba George and the son of Chief Emi Erekosima, , both of the Kalabari Kingdom in Rivers State, Nigeria. He lost his mum at a very tender age and, no doubt, her death manacled him with a fetter of forlornness which transmuted him from a 'happy boy' into an 'Unhappy Fellow'. Graham Erekosima's hobbies are: reading, playwriting, acting, poem writing, storytelling, hanging out with chums, tutoring, talking, counselling, sightseeing and cracking jokes. Besides poem writing, Graham Ereks is also a pedagogue, grammarian, speaker, actor and TV presenter. He is inspired by a plethora of factors such as love, nature, his mum's demise, economies bruhaha (as he calls it), and other dexterous poets. He writes elegies, dirges, satires, panegyrics, Lullabies, pastorals, didactics, etc. At present, Graham Erekosima is domiciled in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He is the founder/CEO of Brain-Man concept. He's one of the characters in the Brain-Man Concept's THE SIMPLETONS, a comedy drama written by his humble self