Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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The Voice of my People

They are the Sons of Anarchy, ambassadors of corruption -- they are leopards!
Our State is now like a haunted house where one sleeps with eyes open; the fear of the unknown being the source of wisdom.

Our leaders are the bloodthirsty draculas,
Preying on innocent victims now and then;
We are bloodbathed by the so-called politicians, the promise-and-fail species with their sugar-coated tongues!

Election time is near and the Dracula has suddenly repented of pride, transmuting himself into an Angel, Humble;
Many a man has been deceived but how can I allow myself to be redeceived after all these years?

Once a Dracula, always a Dracula
I can't be fooled twice by the same Ambassadors; once bitten, twice shy!
I am the eye and voice of my people,
Though unheard and unvalued, I shall
Preach revolution unceasingly!
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