Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Six years a waste

Six years a waste,
I'm sure you can relate.
I needed us to be more,
But you turned out to be a whore.

Letting the world know about us-my biggest bummer;
I so wish we'd had, from the outset, the deserved sunder.
Woe is me, for I have made a boner
That swine has indeed defiled this stunner.

Six years a waste
I wined and dined with a strumpet,
A Gomer she is, without a taste
Slagging about nonstop, ah, what a strumpet!
I wish I never met her, yeah I so wish.

Six years a waste
Daddy warned me about her.
I thought I knew what I was doing;I thought I had good Taste;
Six years a waste, six years a waste;
Ah! Mama, I think I need salvage!

Six years a waste,
I fell for a bird, so cheap.
I thought I had good Taste
But she was but only a black sheep.

Six years a waste,
Loving a whore undeserving, my boner
Slagging about hither and thither, no taste.
Oh Lord, aren't I, anymore, a stunner?
This Gomer, I pray I meet no more,
Sodom and Gomorrah have indeed played me.
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