Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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My Treasure without Measure

You are the silky gazelle of the esteemed paradise
Blazing radiance on me in a blissful beam;
Your daintiness flabbergasts me, so nice
I pray together we become a team.

The fauna and flora, with you I can’t compare
For wherever I go I see your face, my rose;
My love for you daily-multiplies, indeed not mere
For you are the reason I can take this proud pose.

My summer you are, with nicely sited breasts
Smiling and dangling whenever you swagger;
I am like solitary birds, lonely in their nests
But with you I know I can make wonder.

My rib, my soul-piece, you indeed are my treasure
As long as I breathe, you shall always be ‘thout measure!
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